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Weight loss Phoenix AZ Noel Abood

I know firsthand the devastating effects of being overweight.

I suffered a heart attack on the tennis court at the age of 49! This life-altering event led me to dive even deeper into the subject of wellness and weight loss.
Many weight loss programs do a wonderful job at helping you lose weight. However, they fail to offer any of the much needed support to maintaining a healthy weight and lifestyle.

At re:vitalize, we have a passion to help you avoid the many frustrations that traditional dieting brings and to show you how science and technology can offer long lasting results with minimal effort. Together, let’s make this the last diet program you’ll ever need!

- Dr. Noel Abood

Weight Loss Phoenix AZ Dan Lemoine
Clinic Director

Dan LeMoine

Dan is passionate about helping others get healthy and reclaim their best lives. Dan holds two board certifications in holistic nutrition, and has been passionate about fitness and nutrition since as long as he can remember. Originally from Ohio, Dan and his wife Danae (also a nutritionist on staff at re:vitalize) moved to Phoenix in 2017 to open our Arizona location. He is still trying to get used to the heat. 😉

Our Team

Our expert staff consists of board-certified holistic and clinical nutritionists and health coaches who are passionate about walking alongside you on your health and weight loss journey. Whether they’ve lost 5-10 pounds or 100 pounds — each one of our staff members has their own story and knows what it’s like to wrestle with body image, weight, or weight-related health issues. What’s more, each of our staff members has done the re:vitalize program (and most of our family members have too!) In other words, we all deeply believe in re:vitalize’s approach, have seen the life-changing results first hand, and know how to support you as you navigate life on your re:vitalize program!

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