Weight Loss Testimonials

“This program just makes sense.”



"This is a great program! I’ve been able to lose weight with wonderful support from Dr. Abood and the team. I’ve struggled for many years to lose weight and this program is the real deal!"

- Amy F.

Feeling Great

"This is a great program, I am so happy that I heard about this on the radio station. It has changed my life. Really, it saved my life. I just want to thank the staff for being so supportive. Thank you and love you all!"

- Aaron J.

It works

"I lost a lot of weight and I feel so much better. The program is hard but its well worth it if you are ready to make a commitment."

- Marvin S.

Awesome Program

"The program was incredible and very easy to complete, and it also teaches you healthy ways to cook and portion control. In the first round I lost 48 pounds and only did 30 days in the second round to reach my goal losing another 32 pounds. In total I lost 80 pounds, dropped from a 44 inch waist to a 34 inch waist. Sport jacket size went from a 52 to a 42 Regular. Can not say enough how much this program has changed my life health-wise, also with my cholesterol and other levels. My friends do not recognize me anymore and it is amazing the look on their faces. I would highly recommend this program for anyone."

- Chuck H.

Scientific, Sensible, Satisfying

"With a history of yo-yoing through the decades, the typical cut back on calories and exercise were no longer a workable strategy for me. No matter my approach, I was continually gaining in the middle. The scientific approach and scans gave me a food list that were specific to my body’s needs. Following the system gave me the information and control to reach my health goals. The knowledge I gained is invaluable!"

- Bridgette R.

Best diet ever!

"I am a runner. I was running 25 miles a week and was not losing any weight…I tried the program and lost 20 pounds!!! Once my metabolism was reset I then lost another 12.5 pounds. I now choose my food differently. I went from a size 10 to a 4-6. It is very rewarding to have HOPE again! Thank you."

- Kathleen H.

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