Our Approach

“We should be personalizing diets and not just trying to squeeze everyone into the same shoe size."
— Tim Specter, Epidemiologist & Professor at King's College in London

Do you ever get the sense that your metabolism is slow or stopped, or “something is just off”?

Is your weight starting to inhibit your ability to live the active, energetic lifestyle you want?

Are you frustrated that you can’t seem to find clothes that fit, or that you’re having to buy the next size up (again)?

Are you ready to make lasting lifestyle changes, lose weight permanently, and get healthy once and for all?

Lose Weight and Enjoy The Process

Imagine being able to lose weight and actually enjoy the process.

  • Imagine having more energy…
  • Imagine sleeping better…
  • Imagine getting off your blood pressure, diabetes, cholesterol and heartburn meds...
  • Imagine your love life improving…
  • Imagine NOT being hungry!

When your body is balanced and getting the nutrition it needs, not only can you lose weight in a quick and optimal way, but cravings change, hunger no longer is an issue, and getting healthy actually becomes exciting and enjoyable!
Let us help you rebalance your biochemistry, reignite your metabolism, and regain your best life.


We hear this from just about every single person who gets the bioscan and sees their custom nutrient and food lists. It’s because your body has unique needs different than those of the next person, so why wouldn’t your weight loss program be customized to you?

Different stresses of life — injuries, illnesses, surgery, job stress, divorce, menopause, death in the family, etc. — can change the body’s biochemistry and in turn can cause the metabolism to slow, and your body begins to hold onto unhealthy fat.

re:vitalize is the only weight loss clinic in Arizona using exciting new bioscan and biocommunication technology to remove the guesswork out of what YOUR body needs to lose weight and fix the underlying imbalances to reignite the metabolism and help you lose weight.

This is the most comprehensive and life-changing program you’ll do...and the last!

We approach lasting results in several distinct ways:

  • The re:vitalize technology identifies which factors are out of balance in your body slowing down your metabolism, and which micronutrients, vitamins, and minerals your body may need to restore balance, fix your metabolism, and lose weight.
  • Our technology and nutrition team creates a unique roadmap for you to know which foods are best for YOUR BODY for weight loss (and which aren’t).
  • The long-term support and accountability you’ll receive even after you’ve lost your weight is like none other.


The process begins with an initial consultation. This is done either in-person or virtually via video conference.

During your in-office consultation we will do a full biometric scan to get a Body Composition & Metabolic Analysis to review with you. You’ll get to see biodata about yourself like: body fat %, cellular hydration levels, muscle mass, visceral fat, metabolic age, and more. You will then sit knee to knee with our clinic director or doctor and discuss your specific challenges and how our program will help you reach your goals, and specific program pricing.

If you’re ready to move forward, we would then begin the bioscan and on-boarding process (more details below).

Virtual consultations are great if you’d prefer an at-home initial consultation to find out more about the re:vitalize program and to decide if you’re a good fit.

Using a video conferencing app or via phone, you will spend time with our clinic director or doctor discussing your specific challenges and how our program may be able to help you reach your goals, specific program pricing, and which program is right for you.
You then have a decision to make...

You may move forward with an in-office onboarding bioscan appointment to begin the program, or a remote bioscan onboarding appointment and follow up check-in appointments.

Once we’ve decided together during your consultation that you’d be a good fit for the program and you’d like to move forward, we will begin the on-boarding process*.

At this point we use our bioscan technology to generate your customized micro-nutrient profile (which vitamins, minerals, phyto-nutrients your body needs to address metabolic and biochemical imbalances), as well as your customized Foods for Weight Loss list (the list of foods that assimilate best with your metabolism).

This bioscan report will serve as your roadmap during the different stages of your weight loss program with us.

*UPDATE: We now have remote bioscan capability! For clients who prefer not to travel to our clinic for this bioscan testing we now have the capability to SEND THE BIOSCAN DEVICE RIGHT TO YOUR HOME! You’ll simply download an app which allows us to connect our device and proprietary bioscan software with your home computer to conduct a remote bioscan, just like if you were in the office!

Once you’ve been successfully onboarded (either in-office or remotely), you can then begin your weight loss program!

Typically our programs consist of four distinct stages — a load stage, weight loss stage, metabolic lock-in stage, and a healthy living maintenance stage.

Each stage is specifically designed to deconstruct and change habits, address micro-nutrient deficiencies and imbalances affecting metabolic function, and of course lose body fat.

The specifics and duration of these stages will be guided by your unique bioscan food and supplement protocols and our expert nutrition team. Our most successful clients truly commit to the process making meaningful lifestyle and habit changes.

The duration of these four stages will vary depending on your specific plan and needs. Again, each program is customized to the individual.

Here are a few key points about what the day-to-day program will look like for you:

  • You will NOT be eating any bars, shakes, or processed or pre-packaged foods.
  • There is NO calorie counting or calorie restriction.
  • What you’ll eat — We want you eating A LOT of beautiful, nutrient-dense food — proteins, vegetables, and fruit. We ask that you only consume foods based on your custom bioscan results.
  • Many of our clients need to remove or adjust their blood pressure, cholesterol, Type-2 Diabetes, heartburn, and pain meds with their primary care physicians as their bodies lose weight and remove inflammation.
  • You’ll FEEL great — Your energy should be better, sleep improves, libido often improves, and you should NOT be hungry during the program. If you find yourself hungry — that is not normal and we need to hear from you, right away.
  • Cooking & Meal Prep — You don’t have to be a 5-star chef or spend hours each weekend meal prepping to do great on the program. You’ll be equipped with over 80 delicious-and-easy recipes laid out in a simple to follow meal plan based on your bioscan results. If cooking ain’t your thing, we’ll make sure you have simple and easy solutions, but we also have several meal prep partners who can prepare your meals for you as well.
  • Daily accountability — you’ll be texting us each morning with your weight and other qualitative data. This allows us to make sure you’re making meaningful weight loss progress daily. Gone are the days of sitting on frustrating weight plateaus for weeks on end!
  • IN PERSON: Weekly check-ins — you’ll come to the office to get another biometric body composition & metabolic analysis and check-in with one of our health coaches or nutritionists to assess your internal progress and make mid-course adjustments.**
  • Monthly maintenance check-ins** — once we’ve gotten through the most structured stages of your program, we move into monthly visits to ensure you’re staying on track and maintaining (or continuing to lose more weight) effectively.

**REMOTE OPTION: With regard to the weekly/monthly check-ins with our staff, you have the option for in-person or remote check-ins. If you opt for a REMOTE program these weekly and monthly check-ins will be facilitated via phone. Many clients consider purchasing an “at-home”-type version of our body composition device in order to track the biodata we’d be looking at if you were coming into the office for these check-ins. Some clients only come to the office every couple weeks and do remote check-ins the other weeks. Ultimately, it’s up to you, and we work closely with you to make sure your check-in schedule fits your schedule.


If we decide together that our program is a good fit we offer a variety of payment options ranging from one-time payments to monthly payments in order to suit your specific situation. Program fees can range anywhere from $125 to $180 per month if paying monthly. During your consultation there is no pressure or obligation to enroll, so if you’re interested in finding out more about how our comprehensive approach can be the last program you’ll ever need to do, schedule now.

We accept all medical reimbursement accounts such as Health Savings Accounts (HSA) and Flex Spending Accounts (FSA). We also accept CareCredit.

Thousands of clients will tell you that Dr. Abood and his staff are deeply committed to helping you achieve your weight loss goals and keeping the weight off. Our clients will tell you that this is a weight loss program that simply works and just makes sense!

And when you reach your goal, our staff is deeply committed to walking you through the steps and giving you the tools to keep the weight off and stay healthy in Phoenix.

Revitalize Weight Loss & Wellness Center Weight Loss Guarantee


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